Sunday, December 11, 2011

dreams of a full moon dance

One day I plan on writing and illustrating a children's book (think Edward Gorey meets Beatrix Potter with a dash of Sylvia Plath's children's books) about my lovely kitty Tiffany. Flawless and charming story lines/ segments to the book present themselves to me on a regular basis, of course this kitty chronicle is a must. The other day in class I was daydreaming about her and her feathery lavender tail and in my reverie I began writing a poem that is largely inspired by my "enchanted forest"-esque christmas tree and the mystical tales that could accompany it. The poem is supposed to be told in my voice, but through a dream of Miss Tiff's. When I began writing it I knew I wanted it to be set on an eve of astral significance; a full moon, eclipse, solstice, etc and it just so happens the night I wrote it was full moon lunar eclipse in Gemini! How cosmic. It's still a work in progress, but I had a lot of fun with it so I thought I'd share. The setting would be Tiffany happily napping under the Christmas tree, looking at and being fascinated by all of the ornaments and slowly dozing off into a dream, a dream in which I'm telling her this story:

Whimsical tales and and enchanted trails

leading us through the forest bend.

Though when I arrived

(to my surprise)

I was as small as a feather pen!

And you, my darling, were quite so hardly,

The size as a little gem.

So I took your paw,

and then we saw

quite a sight before our eyes!

A world enchanted;

we had been granted

on a magical astral night.

Little bare bodies

Sipping honeysuckle toddies

Afore the night's splendor.

Stars a'gleaming,

and we are receiving, our costumes of plumes and more!

Crowns of flora perched upon our heads,

let the festivities of the eve begin!

Cyclic dancing

Vivacious prancing

in celebration of our moon.

'tis a special time-

(lunar forces sublime!)

to begin a year anew.

hours came and passed,

as we fluttered and danced

until our toes could handle nought more.

weary limbs,

fading bedims,

signs of a cease to the eve.

Yes, the sun must rise,

and we remembered our ties

to the earthly world of ours.

but it was not a dream,

for we had seen

the veil betwixt dimensions had blurred.

'twas the tenth of December

that we shall remember

as the spectacle of our lives!

To the faeries surprise, we said our goodbyes

with a slight lingering lament.

But we made a promise

to be honest

of the magic beyond the seeing eye.


In jest, after writing this my boyfriend began teasing me with a fable that holds a similar storyline but with me as the protagonist. We live in an apartment building that resembles a Castle so in short, the story goes to say that I am the Princess in the castle and I lead my suitor though the haunted halls and into my chamber and through my tree we leave the physical world and enter the world in which I belong, a world of faeries. I think this can be seen as kind of metaphorically true.