Saturday, November 5, 2011


It is a difficult task to wholly choose a favorite season, as all four possess qualities and evoke feelings unique unto themselves. However, it is with the transitional seasons, autumn and spring, that I find the most magic and inspiration for renewal. Come September and June, I’m possessed with a drive to shed the old and unnecessary and to manifest the new and elating. It begins with a brisk breath of air upon the skin on a summer’s eve, and then the transformation of brilliant hues of emerald to rich golds and auburns sweeps the city. And with daylight dwindling and evenings extended one must make the transition from activities guided by the sun to those that are guided by the moon. For me this is a shift from lounging atop my cotton paisley beach blanket to bundling my limbs in my favorite wool throw; sipping my home made thyme iced tea to spiced cider or chai; summer produce such as blueberries, heirloom tomatoes, summer squash, corn on the cob, and fresh parsley, to autumn produce, acorn squash, winter endive, pomegranates, pears, blackberries, figs, and pumpkin; from growing to harvesting; and balmy to brisk. And though treasure hunting is an all year, everyday activity for me, some of the richest of troves are those of the summer: yard sales, garage sales, and flea markets.

There is something uniquely special about the trading of treasures, even if done indirectly. Perhaps you donated a beloved item of yours that was no longer of use to you, though it may have been difficult to part, that piece is now with someone else and is likely making them exceedingly happy and inspired. Your contribution is now a new gem in their life. With that, I believe you have made room for a new extraordinary piece, perhaps you’ll find that velvet fringe kimono you’ve always been looking for (this is my most recent example) or you’ll stumble upon an amazing decorative trinket for your home that has vibes like no other. There’s some wonderful cosmic work going on in giving and receiving. And if you’re constantly playing the game, giving and possessing gratitude, you’ll be open to treasures of all sorts. This past year I’ve done some major house cleaning. I’ve bid farewell to a ridiculous amount of clothing and accessories, all of which I still love, but are no longer of use to me. My dream wardrobe will be filled with nothing less than extraordinary, and this was the first step to achieving that. With that, I believe I found some amazing pieces (actually, I believe they found me)..

antique star map

a spread of four tarot cards framed, probably a quite meaningful spread to the craftsman.


A beautiful four tiered candelabra. it is even more extraordinary in person.
amazing handmade cat pillow!!.

with awesome gold psychedelic velvet fabric on the back!

Zodiac pillow.
Another zodiac pillow.

my settee and the new pillow soirée.

my lovely pussy cat claiming the new pillow cases.
Glitter scull, cute decks of cards, a great tarot deck, a little trinket, and a crucifix from prague.

1920's Egyptian coffee tins purchased in Czechoslovakia carried to Seattle.
Kitchen wall decor!

One of the richest troves of treasure was a particular seller at the Hangover Market at The Comet Tavern; a woman I could see myself in. She was a wonder to chat with, though I’m sure I’ve only heard the smallest fraction of her stories. Most items are from Prague, she lived there with her ex husband who opened up a recording studio that apparently Frank Zappa was involved with. She also mentioned ties to Iggy Pop. I can only imagine the travels and stories these ornaments hold.

Another favorite was an estate stale early this summer. Ria, from Kaleidoscope Vision (, and her family bequeathed to me (and many others) a vast amount of magical accoutrements. I was speechless when I walked inside. At the time I was bewildered by the idea of letting go of such gems but after a little while I finally got it; they were ready to pass these things along, a quite noble act.

This karmic exchange has been

It is a difficult task to wholl
Silly outfit photos of a random thrifting day in the middle of the August heat.

Vintage Israeli Beatles shirt: Golden elephant vintage (I cut it up a bit). Shorts: Vintage Levi’s. Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Foxy purchased at